“Hi-Q has taught me how to be a leader and how to collaborate as a team, using everyone’s strengths.”
Emma Killian, Bonner & Prendergast High School
“We have so many different people with different learning styles. So, we’ve found a way to balance individual interests with the [Hi-Q] team objective.”
Jerome Orji, Penn Wood High School
“We work together as a team for one common goal; that is, academic excellence. But it’s not what we do individually that’s important. It’s what we do together that counts. I am so grateful to be a part of that [Hi-Q] team and I’m not sure my high school experience would be the same if I was not a part of it.”
Christopher Haines, Ridley High School
“The biggest takeaway from Hi-Q is a love for learning and to continue to learn as much as I can and to try to understand how that affects the world around me.”
Janet WU, Academy of Notre Dame de Namur
“I’ve taken so many great experiences out of Hi-Q like the ability to challenge myself and to think on the spot quickly in an environment I’m not used to.”
Michael Costigan, Sun Valley High School
“Hi-Q has helped me develop a solid work ethic that will benefit me in the long run.”
Lawrence Lee, Garnet Valley
“The most satisfaction in my career is to be able to give something back to the world.”
Kimberly Kennedy, Coopertown Elementary School Teacher
“I love to scatter seeds in my class and just wait in anticipation for a little sprout to come up with a novel approach or a curious challenge.”
Maradel Newell, Notre Dame de Lourdes School Teacher
“Teaching is a very noble profession and I know every day I am giving back not only to my community, but also to the world at large.”
Jim Page, Sun Valley High School Teacher

Financial Literacy Advocate

The Financial Literacy Advocate is selected for outstanding commitment to and promotion of financial education.

Delco Hi-Q Hall of Honor

Each year a former Delco Hi-Q participant is honored for their continued academic achievement, contribution to society, and personal success.

Excellence in Teaching

Delaware County EIT Award recipients demonstrate outstanding dedication and significant contributions to Delaware County students.

Outstanding Student Leader

This award is bestowed upon the student intern most recognized for demonstrating exceptional leadership, service, and financial literacy engagement.

John D. Unangst Memorial Scholarship

Five high school seniors receive a $3,000 scholarship for college. Scholarship recipients are chosen by a panel of judges considering the essays of more than 200 applicants.

Delco Hi-Q Awards

Honoring each Delco Hi-Q team with special recognition for the Champions, semi-finalists, most improved, and All-Delco Hi-Q Team.