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Penn Wood, Chichester, and Ridley Score Delco Hi-Q Wins

post_121015Delco Hi-Q’s 2015 – 2016 season is in full swing with the second week of competition in the record books. Just five points separated host team Penn Wood High School and competitor The Christian Academy Tuesday. Chester High School was unable to attend, thus forfeiting their first scheduled meet. Two members of each competing team sat in Chester High’s spot to round out the three-team competition structure. Their score was not calculated into the final.

TCA had a strong start, answering five questions on the first try in the first round and picking up three bonus points to command a seven point lead going into round two. Penn Wood came back strong, taking the lead with correct answers in Chemistry, Physics, and American Government.
Final Scores: Penn Wood 30; TCA 25

Chichester High School took a narrow lead early in Wednesday’s competition with Archbishop Carroll at Academy Park, held the lead and widened it to finish first. Earning maximum points for correct answers in Current Events, Biology, Literature, Shakespeare, World History, and Math (toss up) worked to Chichester’s advantage. By midway through the second round, however, both Academy Park and Carroll threatened Chi’s lead. History proved to be Academy Park’s forte and they snagged four bonus points. Carroll earned maximum points for six correct answers and was the only team to correctly answer their regular Math question.
Final Scores: Chichester 38; Academy Park 30; Archbishop Carroll 24

Academic prowess and a bit of home team advantage produced a decisive win for Ridley High School in Thursday’s match against Bonner & Prendie and Cardinal O’Hara. The home team took an early lead and kept it, showing particular strength in History and Literature, and picking up on their competitors missed questions to snag a total of six bonus points. Science was clearly Bonner & Prendie’s strong suit. The combined school earned maximum points for correctly answering their Biology, Chemistry, and Physics question as well as Literature and Geography. O’Hara also swooped up for Geography, as well as American History, American Government, and Chemistry, and they were the only team to correctly answer the team choice tossup.
Final Scores: Ridley 46; Bonner & Prendie 31; Cardinal O’Hara 20

Two matches scheduled for next week will put a wrap on competition for 2015 and unlike recent years, the forecast is not threatening the Hi-Q schedule. Strath Haven and Penncrest will compete at Garnet Valley Tuesday, December 15. Haverford will host Radnor and Delco Christian Wednesday, December 16. After next week, Hi-Q will be on hiatus for the holidays and the 68th season will resume the first week of January.

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