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Round three of the 75th Season kicked off at Cardinal O’Hara on Friday, January 27th. Valley Forge Military Academy and Academy Park traveled to O’Hara to compete in their third match. The three teams were evenly matched heading into the competition but it was Academy Park that captured the lead first by answering their own question correctly and picking up a bonus point. As the contest continued, Cardinal O’Hara was able to take the lead answering three additional question correctly. In the second half, VFMA was able to pick up additional points answering two correct questions in a row- but O’Hara picked up 5 bonus points and the win. Final Scores- Cardinal O’Hara: 29; VFMA: 10; Academy Park: 9.

Chester STEM Academy at Showalter hosted Chichester and Archbishop Carroll High Schools on Monday, January 30th. It was Archbishop Carroll that captured the early lead. They picked up three bonus points in the first half. By the half, Chichester trailed by 5 and the Home Team was down 10. Chichester gained momentum in the second half, picking up additional points and narrowing the lead. They had the chance to win at with the final Math Toss Up question, however no team was able to give the correct answer, cementing Carroll’s win. Final Scores- Chester STEM: 7; Chichester: 19; Archbishop Carroll: 23.

Ridley and Penncrest High Schools travelled to Haverford High School for their third contest. Current Events questions were answered correctly across the board, giving the contest a hot start. As the first half continued, Ridley and Penncrest remained evenly scored while Haverford jumped ahead. The second half proved to be even more successful for Haverford- only missing one of their questions, even picking up bonus points and the Math Toss-Up at the end, cementing their lead and adding to their final score. Final Scores- Haverford: 51; Ridley: 30; Penncrest: 28.

The week of continued at Interboro with Academy of Notre Dame and Springfield. The home team, Interboro, captured the lead early in the first half after answering their first three questions correctly. Springfield wasn’t far behind and was able to secure first place by intermission. The second half strengthened Springfield’s lead. After an accepted appeal from Springfield, the Final Scores- Interboro: 21; Notre Dame: 16; Springfield: 38. 

The regular season will wrap up with three more contests. The season’s top scoring team will move directly to the Championship. The next six highest scoring teams will compete in the semi-final rounds for a chance to compete in the Championship.

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