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FMFCU Foundation Supports CityTeam Chester’s “Backpacks for Success” Program with Collected School Supplies

Chester, PA – August 22, 2023: FMFCU Foundation is proud to announce its successful collaboration with CityTeam Chester in their initiative, “Backpacks for Success.” The program, aimed at providing backpacks and essential school supplies to children in need, received a significant boost through the generous contributions of school supplies collected at Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union (FMFCU) branch locations throughout the month of August.

With a shared commitment to strengthening the local community, FMFCU Foundation and CityTeam Chester have joined forces to ensure that children start the upcoming school year with the tools they need to succeed. “Backpacks for Success” will distribute a total of 2,200 backpacks filled with essential supplies to children who might otherwise face barriers to obtaining these resources.Throughout the month of August, FMFCU branch locations served as collection points for school supplies, inviting members and the wider community to participate in the spirit of giving back. The response was overwhelming, reflecting the kindness and dedication that characterize the region’s residents.

FMFCU employees headed to CityTeam as volunteers to pack backpacks with these essential items. The volunteers were able to assist in packing 400 of the 2,000 backpacks being distributed. 

“FMFCU Foundation is honored to support CityTeam’s Backpacks for Success’ program,” said Rick Durante, Executive Director of FMFCU Foundation. “Education is the foundation of a brighter future, and by providing students with the tools they need, we are investing in their success and helping to lessen some of the challenges they face.”

The collaboration between FMFCU Foundation and CityTeam Chester underscores the importance of partnering in addressing social challenges and the significant impact that can be achieved when organizations and individuals come together for a common cause.

For more information about FMFCU Foundation and its initiatives, please visit www.fmfcufoundation.org

For more information about CityTeam Chester and the “Backpacks for Success” program, please visit www.cityteam.org/chester